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Sam Wilson, member of the Air Force’s 58th rescue squadron, has dedicated his life to saving those in need of saving: dependable and resourceful, he is simply the best in his squad. Sam gets an opportunity, along with his fellow airman Riley, to test out the EXO-7 wing program: a suit that broadens the horizon of rescue operations all across the world. But there are still a few ruffles in the EXO-7’s programming to smooth out before the wings are issued to the entire squadron.

"So what are we, some kind of guinea pigs?" Riley jokes after Sam’s wings malfunction during a routine op. "Doesn’t seem like they care much if we survive at all." Riley shrugs sourly. "Seeing you fall out there—if I hadn’t caught you…"

"Thanks for that, by the way," Sam grins. "But come on, Riley. We get to fly. It’s worth it, isn’t it?”

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